The Work from Home Culture during the Lockdown Will Impact Housing Choices

The walk-to-work proposition may lose some of its charm in the post-pandemic world. Can you guess as to what will replace it? That’s right! The work-from-home concept will become the next fulcrum for home purchasing decisions. According to the real estate experts at Narang Realty, this trend enforced on us by the COVID-19 pandemic will guide the real estate demand in India. Let’s find out how!

The Demand for Better-Designed Homes Will Go Up

Working from home is neither easy nor effortless. Without a proper set-up, it may pose several challenges, all of which will threaten to bring down your productivity. It is especially true for working women and those who work with kids in the background. In short, you need your own space to boost your efficiency at work while working from home. The solution: Look for a better designed home that come with carpet area optimization. Homes that are built inside – out.

If this is what you are looking for, then you have landed up at the right place. At Narang Realty, we believe in designing homes inside – out. Carpet area optimization, natural sun light and cross ventilation form the basis of every apartment designed. Most apartments across all our projects have 3 sides open. Apart from this, lesser number of families per acre is also essential for a healthy lifestyle. Take our Andheri project, for example. Here, there are only 200 4 & 5 BHK apartments, spread out over an expansive 7-acre land parcel. Also, in our Courtyard Project in Thane, nearly 75% of the land area is open to the air, with the towers only occupying a 1-acre footprint in a 7-acre development. To explore our projects, visit our website at to explore our housing projects.

Home Owners Will Look For Smart Homes Endowed With Better IT

In the present context, one could say, that a smart home is one that comes with in-built infrastructure that effectively supports the home owner’s work-from-home endeavours. But the definition of a smart home has now evolved beyond just IT infrastructure to include the fundamental layout of the apartment that has a smart allocation of space.

In our 3BHK apartments, the master bedrooms have an area of around 200 sq. ft. after excluding the walk-in wardrobe area and the bathroom! With this kind of space, you can accommodate your work-from-home set-up within the bedroom, where you can have your privacy and peace of mind, and you can work with minimal distractions. The other bedrooms are also spacious enough for you to set-up your work-from-home zone.

There are data connection points throughout these homes, and therefore setting up a personal Wi-Fi connection would be quick and easy. To enhance your convenience, fibre optic internet is already available within the complex. This will ensure that you get access to high-speed data at home.

Housing Societies With Abundant Sunlight & Ventilation Will Be Preferred

With the work-from-home trend, the need for personal space will go up. Homes with balconies will be preferred. Because, when you work from home, you need ample space to stretch your legs, and a positive ambience to reduce stress.

At Narang Realty, our homes are designed in a way to provide for maximum ventilation and natural sunlight. The architecture takes into account the trajectory of the sun across seasons to ensure that there is always adequate natural light. All the apartments come with balconies, and extra corner windows to provide better ventilation. Now, you can get up in between work to stretch out, and enjoy the scenery.

The Conclusion

The work-from-home situation is the new normal, and it will continue long after the pandemic resolves. It will become a way of life in the months to come. So, if you are planning to buy a home soon, make sure you have considered the new ways of life.

At Narang Realty, we have come up with ways to provide you with a virtual tour of our projects. Visit the website now for 360-degree tours, project amenity photos, floor plans and all other details that will help you make to book an apartment without even leaving home.

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