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At Narang Realty, we strive hard to excel – be it providing excellent customer service or quality products, we set high standards and meet them every time. To ensure these goals are met, our team is well equipped with the necessary knowledge through formal trainings or hands-on day-to-day experiences. Here, the company and the team share a common outlook; this allows for open-ended discussion and ideation.

We are also committed to providing our work force with guidance, support and ample opportunities for career advancement; confident and happy people make the best sales team. Being an equal opportunity employer with a belief in strength through diversity, we do not discriminate. We offer more than a job, we offer the chance to grow and foster loyalty to and faith in the product that our teams are selling.


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"Narang Realty Private Limited ("Narang Realty"), a company owned and controlled by Gopal Narang and his family (the "Narangs"), is engaged in real estate development. The Narangs also hold 50% of the capital of Windsor Realty Private Limited ("WRPL") which is separately executing its own real estate projects. The business of WRPL is entirely independent and distinct from the business of Narang Realty."