A Good Reason To Choose Narang Realty Is Because Our Residential Apartments Allow You Your Safe Space

Are you planning to buy a house amid a pandemic? In the wake of the COVID-19 situation, you need more than just an apartment with top-notch amenities. You need a safe space to live in for you and your loved ones! We can help you with that.

At Narang Realty, we believe that every human should be able to unravel in their own space. This ideology of ours makes our ready-to-move-in homes safe to reside in; they provide with you ample opportunities to practice social distancing. To put you at ease, we have decided to share with you how we have been following social distancing norms to the letter to keep our new and existing buyers safe from the pandemic.

We Have Safety In-Built Within the DNA of Our Projects

Do you remember a time when face masks and social distancing were not the need of the hour? Well, long before the COVID-19 pandemic reared its ugly head in the city, we at Narang Realty, have been discussing the concept of safe space. Given below are certain in-built features of our residential housing projects that make it possible for our customers to maintain safe social distance from others without having to miss out on day-to-day life.

Lesser Number of Families Per Acre – At Narang Realty, we believe in the philosophy of less number of families per acre. In a city populated to its gills, we believe that more space per family is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Any dense development comes with many drawbacks such as privacy concerns, sharing of fewer amenities by many, unnecessary wait times everywhere, and now health risks to add to the list.

In our Andheri project, there are only 200 4 & 5 BHK apartments, spread out over an expansive 7-acre land parcel. In Courtyard, our Thane project, nearly 75% of the land area is open to the air, with the towers only occupying a 1-acre footprint in a 7-acre development.

More Number of Elevators in Every Tower– In our Thane project, we have only 4 apartments on every floor and yet have 3 high-speed elevators in the tower. At Windsor Grande Residences, we have only 2 apartments on each floor and 4 high-speed Hitachi elevators in each wing. Having more elevators means less elevator wait-time every time you decide to step out. But, in troubled times like these, having more elevators in the building would also mean less crowd, and hence, better social distancing.

Almost Every Apartment Is 3 Sides Open– All our apartments are constructed keeping the sun’s trajectory and wind directions through the seasons in mind. This ensures ample natural light and cross ventilation is present in the apartment throughout the year. Now, that you will be spending a lot of time at home, due to social distancing and work from home norms, you don’t have to feel stuck in a tiny, dingy apartment. When you have a safe and lovely living space, and a family to share it with, you can make a positive experience out of the whole lockdown situation.

Almost Every Apartment comes with a Balcony– A balcony is so much more than just a viewing gallery. In a city with matchbox apartments and narrow windows, a balcony is where you can practice yoga in the morning or sit and sip your tea in the evening. Or, you could simply stand for a while, and take in the scenic views around you. A testimony to this is the Yeoor Hills and Sanjay Gandhi National Park facing balconies at Courtyard that have unrestricted views for a lifetime.

What Are The Steps Taken By Narang Realty To Ensure Safety And Social Distancing?

Virtual House Tours: Throughout the lockdown, we have been arranging virtual house tours and calls with our sales team for our customers from the safe confines of their homes. Want to take a tour now? Visit our website. There you will find apartment videos, 360-degree tours, project amenity photos, floor plans and all possible project related details that will help you make the correct decision of booking an apartment at Courtyard without even leaving home.

Safe Online Transactions: Opting for online booking of the apartment is another convenience that we have provided to our customer. We have leveraged technology to build secured online payment gateways to facilitate safe monetary transactions.

Strategic Positioning of Disinfectants– As a responsible citizen, you are already wearing a mask in public places. Hopefully, you are even washing your hands several times a day to ensure your safety and the safety of those around you. But, it is impossible to keep a count of every object that you come in touch within the day. To make it easier for you, we have placed hand sanitizers and disinfectants at every entry and exit point in our projects. We have positioned them in the elevators, and other common areas so that we can keep you and your homes safe.

Other Safety Protocols– These safety protocols include thermal screening at the entry points. We ensure that not more than 4 people are allowed within the elevators at once. Even then, we request people to stand within the designated boxes drawn on the floor of the elevator to maintain the required distance and reduce physical contact. Amenities like fruits and vegetable vendors have been systematically set up within the compound so that you do not have to jostle your way through crowded market places to fend for groceries and other essentials.

The Conclusion

Is it imperative to own a house in these unprecedented times? The answer to this question is a resounding yes. While you may wonder if you should wait and watch before you make your most important and most expensive purchase in your life, the timing couldn’t have been better to buy a home. With all-time low-interest rates on home loans and moratorium available from banks, homeownership is a prudent decision. At Narang Realty, we build today for a better tomorrow.

To know more about our projects or to find out more about safety and social distancing protocols on our projects, visit our sales lounges today or reach out to us at 022-67890202.