5 Top Reasons to Buy a 3 BHK Apartment

Choosing the perfect house among all the available choices can be a tedious task indeed. The four-letter word ‘HOME’ instils thousands of feelings within us. With time, people’s preferences have changed, and buyers make decisions keeping in mind a lot of things as these investments are one-time and need to have a futuristic approach.

1) Living with our loved ones

It can be a challenging task to design a home to house a large extended family, with members ranging from the very young to the very old. Achieving a balance between communal living and privacy, individuality and cohesiveness can take some doing and when you start living with the elderly. Their privacy cannot be compromised for sure. Also kids these days are quite independent and require their own space. A separate bedroom for the kids and the elderly each is an ideal requirement. One can experience the advantage of having a 3 BHK apartment where they can watch their parents and children together, shrinking the generation gap. These homes, however, make the task seem like an easy one and make a living altogether seem effortless, comfortable, and fun.

Understanding buyers current and future needs, Narang developers have come up with a premium residential project Courtyard Thane, a 9 acre gated community at Thane Pokhran Road 2 offering the best living spaces. A 3BHK at Courtyard offers a spacious area & also offers amenities for each age group, open area & green space measuring almost 4 acres to central green space, yoga & mediation center for elders, dedicated kids play area, kids pool, a crèche, a performance arts zone -Amphitheatre for all age groups. A perfect blend of elegance & serene environment developed to compliment modern lifestyle and comfort, rekindle inner desires to live in a well-designed home that delivers positive energy.

2) The Element of Space

A prominent consideration that one should consider is that of spaciousness. Our homes are our comfort zones. After a perfectly scheduled energy squeezing day, we all need comfort, relaxation, and a heart-warming time with our families. Our personal space is something that has become a must for all of us. We all need that little time and space wherein we can enjoy ourselves and ponder for our own growth. Everyone loves to live in a spacious home; with more space, the home looks aesthetic. At Courtyard, the homes are designed smartly with enough personal space & luxurious living areas, spacious enough to have the entire family spending time together. Click here to get a complete 360 view of Courtyard Rozanne.

3) Think About Future
Age and need are the two things that always keep escalating. Older members of our family have often lived through wars or seen more challenging times and be a source of inspiration for younger family members. Their stories of adversity or simply of navigating life over a long time can help children to realize that life can be navigated through determination and hard work. Often buyers forget or neglect the future needs while opting for homes and choose the one which suits them best to their current needs. Therefore, it is a must and in fact judicious, for one to give a thought to future needs of space and family expansion. For having ample space for a growing family buying a 3 BHK Flat would be a wise decision. One can also put their extra room of 3 BHK flat to some interesting use like transforming it into a personal workspace or study room or maybe drawing-room. Buying a 3BHK later may cost more as the Housing Prices tend to Double every 5-6 Years.

4) Luxury Quotient

Luxurious 3 BHK homes involve generous living spaces and include an element of exclusiveness, rather dream for every individual, that while adding to the status symbol, involves all the comforts for an elegant lifestyle. With growing desire among individuals to have an opulent lifestyle, coupled with lower interest rates & the need for spacious homes, has seen a spurt in demand for luxury apartments.

Further, considering the price and following the concept of nuclear families, inviting a guest over becomes a thinkable topic. Less space ends up in congestion and compromise, leading to uncomfortable living. One should think ten times about comfort before considering price because it affects your lifestyle as well. An additional guest room becomes an advantage for those opting for 3 BHK flats. This can help them enjoy and make special family time memories without any disturbance in their routine and privacy.

Living in Courtyard Rozanne is like living in nature’s lap Spectacular breath-taking view and ample greenery around opens door the to a lifestyle beyond your imagination and elevates your status symbol to reach the pinnacle of opulent living.

5) A Zero Distance Work station

With this trend need for space and good connectivity has become a must and no longer a luxury. As high as 88% of the workforce in India prefers to have the flexibility of working from home, and 69% believe their productivity has increased while working remotely.

For professionals, a 3 BHK apartment at Courtyard can be a relief to complete their tasks sitting at homes, converting a room of their 3 BHK apartment into their study-cum-office for small meetings, making it a zero distance work station for themselves.

With Courtyard Rozanne’s 3 BHK well-planned layout, one can enjoy all the benefits of having a luxurious home that meets and exceeds a home buyer’s expectation and makes them the next in-demand homes.