5 Aspect to look for future Ready Homes

Narang Realty has always been ahead of times in developing homes which meet and exceed our customer’s requirement; according to them the best way to plan for the future is to design it”. It certainly rings true when it comes to architecture, and your home. To ensure your home is ready for the next decade or two, there are key factors to be kept in mind i.e. sustainability and changing lifestyle needs.

Narang Realty with all their exposure and experience in this field has developed a dream project COURTYARD, a landmark project in Thane at Pokhran Road 2. A project which offers a premium lifestyle experience, right from location to amenities which has been well thought over and designed.

Showcasing Narang Realty’s far sightedness are some of our offerings to reckon with the fact of future ready homes.

Work from Home Realty to stay with

The current pandemic has given way to a new lifestyle which people and our country had not experienced and thought off .Work from home culture has become a new normal and is here to stay, post normalization as well. Companies like facebook,Twitter,Reliance, TCS, Wipro & Infosys to name a few have decided to continue with work from home culture and are finding it to be beneficial, further also  are developing policies & tools around the same.

With this trend need for space and good connectivity become a must and no longer a luxury, at courtyard we have additional space area which though is a part of your home but not intruding your privacy and can be designed as a work area separating it from your home, further with our expertise have designed spacious rooms and utilised every space very meticulously which allows our member to set their multiple WFM areas as-well

With work from home culture being a part of our life, we understand the need for good connectivity at all corners of your home and also in your township. New-age homes demand new-age technologies such as Fibre-to-the-Home (FTTH), a technology that uses optical fibre to deliver communication signals. With wider bandwidth, faster data speed and better connectivity, it’s a perfect solution for today’s high-end digital homes.

Ventilation is about helping fresh air to circulate through your home

It allows moisture and airborne pollutants to escape, and fresh clean air to be drawn into your home. Effective ventilation depends to a significant extent on the size, placement and type of windows, doors and other openings in your home. With good design, you can control the circulation of air, rather than having draughts.

At Court yard we have taken utmost care to ensure every home in our township is well ventilated, allowing fresh air to circulate through your home. With good design/proper & bigger window placement & with good cross ventilation every part of the home is blessed with natural light and fresh air which further, saves on consumption of energy and eventually saves energy cost.


The best layout for a living room is generally an L-shape. It takes up less space than most arrangements and actually makes the most of the room by spreading your furniture deep into the corner. It keeps your seating close together and conversational, but equally opens it up to make the room feel more airy, encouraging movement with open space to walk into

L-shaped dining area gives a very spacious look to the living area and also can accommodate two or more groups with separate areas without bumping into their conversations, allows ease to move around easily. It is a luxury to have separate dining area, where the family enjoys peaceful meals.

Balcony -A luxury or need….

At courtyard keeping in mind our member’s lifestyle we decided to keep a balcony as a necessity and not a luxury. Yes, every house boosts of a balcony area, an Sky deck with a 10X10 sizing, which can accommodate an coffee table is an area where you would like to step out and have oneness with the nature the beautiful mountains, the pleasing greenery to make you feel good, to watch upon the beautiful sky and get a twinkle in your eye, this definitely ought to be a living one aspires to.

Low Density Ratio to give away more open area

Unlike crowding more towers, at courtyard we have dedicated 75 %of its area as open area & green space admeasuring almost 4 acres to central green space.

The designing of these green spaces is done with utmost care, further to ensure pollution free air we have planned for basement parking areas,we understand that vehicles are India’s biggest air quality compromisers, the smog, carbon monoxide, and other toxins emitted by vehicles are especially troubling, where humans breathe the polluted air directly into their lungs but we do know that vehicles these days also is a necessity so overcoming the problem we have provided separate entry/exits and provided ample basement parking area which keeps our environment all clean and the air quality is not compromised.

With low density benefit and dedicated central green space our members get more open area and also get to enjoy all the facilities at our club house and other amenities at any given point of time.

Future house design takes a little more planning than a simple interior colour-scheme change, but the alterations will be worth it in the long run, keeping healthy isn’t just about staying active, eating a balanced diet and having regular health check-ups. It’s about what you do every single day, from when you wake up to when you go to bed. At Courtyard, we have kept in mind our customer’s requirement, lifestyle and the need to provide a healthy environment.