Unmatched offer to erase your uncertainty by Courtyard Rozanne

Owning a house is on the wish list of most people. However, this wish can lead to a dilemma if people stretch their finances to fulfill it. On the other hand, further postponing the purchase till one accumulates the necessary funds can also be a costly proposition. Keeping the current scenario in mind and to make home-buying an easy and flexible proposition, Narang Realty has come up with an open and fair scheme for buyers to own a premium residential project in collaboration with the Wadhwa Group. Courtyard, a premium 9 acre gated community that offers the best living spaces in Thane at Pokhran Road 2 for home buyers. Way of life at Courtyard An intuitive design that minimizes space wastage gives luxury a new meaning. Experience Grandeur like never before at Rozanne by Courtyard; your world has all the space it needs. This idea underpins the design of 3 BHK homes at Rozanne by Courtyard, the most spacious and luxurious homes that Thane has to offer. All amenities are entirely constructed and ready for use elevate your outdoor experience with themed gardens, an amphitheater for performing arts, football turf, multipurpose court, cross-functional training areas & swimming pools. The spatial delight and environmental performance of the open spaces enable residents to have positive experiences. Courtyard has dedicated 75 %of its area as the open area & green space measuring almost 4 acres to central green space. For recreation facilities, we have Thane’s most enormous Grand clubhouse admeasuring 24000 sq. ft, which boasts of a Banquet Hall for parties & weddings, an Indoor games area to tickle your brains, and a SPA facility to refresh your body & mind. All these facilities are well planned to suit the lifestyle of our members. Things to consider before buying a house Courtyard’s Rozanne, a revered property, for a limited period has launched an honest and open scheme that requires homebuyers to pay only 20% upfront and the remaining 80% amount only at the time of possession. A scheme rolled at a time frame where substantial construction work is complete, over 67% of the payment is due, and occupancy is expected in the second half of the year. This year, giving respite to buyers looking out to upgrade their lifestyle by moving into their new home coupled with such a lucrative scheme is rare. Our goal is to turn what is universally regarded as a financially complicated life event into an exciting and rewarding experience that is simple from start to finish. Own a house by paying only 20% now and the remaining 80% on possession, which applies to the first 25 apartments or by March 31st,2021, whichever is earlier. The offer is transparent without any hidden / additional charges. It does not require the buyer even to furnish a bank guarantee or take a home loan. This scheme allows buyers with multiple benefits and provides them with ample time to decide on money matters. In today’s pandemic time and with the current economic situation, one is bound to get entangled with the present scenario and might not have a clear vision of the future. Still, such schemes that are buyer-friendly allows them to comprehend the situation and avoid taking the unnecessary risk of paying a hefty amount or taking loans at the time of booking their house, and further buyers can avail of stamp duty benefits rolled out by the Maharashtra government and pay stamp duty at a rate of 3% up till March 2021. Usually, when the construction of a tower crosses over 50% of construction (67% in the case of Rozanne), it becomes difficult to buy an apartment as the buyer is compelled to pay 67% of the apartment value either by selling their existing flat or taking a bank loan or both. It might sound a no-brainer, but many home buyers get this wrong and bite off more than they can chew. In the current scheme offered by Narang Realty, buyers need not hasten into selling their existing homes; instead, they pay a minimal amount (65 lakhs approximately) and continue to stay in their current home, which in a typical scenario would not be possible. With this offer one can without any haste, decide to sell their flat at their convenience also, they need not stay in rented apartments or pay both rental and EMI on bank loan to pay off almost 70% value of the apartment to own up an under-construction flat. Instead, by taking advantage of this current offer, book a luxurious apartment and continue staying in your home without any worry about paying EMI’s or rental. Industry Expert Reviews According to Vaibhav Suri, partner, L&L Partners, schemes like 20:80 are perfect for buyers as they reduce the financial burden on account of possession-related default and give them the elasticity to organize the residual funds. They are always better placed from the buyer’s standpoint as there is no loan liability from Day One. The price is locked in, and the risk for buyers is minimal. “Therefore, from a cash flow outlook, a 20:80 scheme is comfortable for a buyer,” he says. Needless to state, such an offer comes with a limited validity period, which does not stay for an extended period and is bound to attract more buyers to become proud homeowners.