Top 3 Tips for Millennials Buying Real Estate Narang Realty

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the real estate market segment, in ways more than one. While at it, it has also given rise to new trends in real estate. According to 2020 Housing Market Predictions by Realtor’, the real estate market is booming for millennials. It’s a good time for them to invest in their first ever homes. In a pre-pandemic world, the millennials would rather rent than buy homes because it’d give them better mobility and more freedom. But, in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, co-living options are no longer safe or desirable. Also, due to a new surge in cases, housing societies are hesitant to allow new occupants who are renting apartment.   Economic crisis, loss of jobs, a large number of people returning from the middle-east, relocation to home-towns and countries and social-distancing norms are some factors why millennials would consider buying their first homes right about now. Another reason why millennials should consider acquiring real estate is because it makes for a comparatively stable investment. Here are a few tips for millennial home buyers out there, trying to buy their first house. Tip 1: Factors to consider: connectivity, commute, secure neighborhood Choosing a well-planned locality is imperative to your house buying success. For you and your loved ones to feel at home, the locality should be strategically located and have access to emergencies 24*7. It should strike a healthy balance of nature and social infrastructure such as parks, retails shops, schools, hospitals etc. Also, you should consider the commute time between home and work before deciding upon a neighborhood. Once the lockdown reopens, you will have to travel to and from work on a daily basis, and the last thing you’d want to waste a good part of your day on unnecessarily long commutes. Tip 2: Determine the type of home you need. Check out offerings by Narang Realty Once you have set your heart on a desirable neighborhood, check the property prices in and around the area, and plan your budget accordingly. But, before you make your down payment, here are a few factors for you to consider: consider the number of family members, and make sure you buy a house which is well-designed to amplify the available space. Go for well-designed houses with ample open spaces and plenty of natural light. Consider the lockdown and the currently prevalent work-from-home situation. This means: all the members in the family will be spending most of their time indoors, while you will need your corner of peace and privacy to set-up your work station, and be at your productive best. Also, keep the need to safety and social distancing in mind before you go ahead with your choice. The best way to go about this is to choose a housing society that accommodate fewer number of families per unit. Speaking of spacious, well-designed, and well-equipped homes; check out the 2BHK apartments by Narang Realty. Check out this link now, to take a virtual tour. Tip 3: How to get home loan 1st time homebuyer If you are planning on buying your first house, the chances are that you’re planning to apply for a home loan. If you are new to the whole thing, it can be very confusing. There are different kinds of loans available, and it does not get any easier with each having its own pros and cons. It’s a good thing that our housing projects are pre-approved by all renowned banks and lending institutions. This is bound to make the process a bit easier for you. Here are a few steps you should follow while applying for your first ever housing loan: Step 1:  Decide the loan amount, and tenure, estimate home loan EMI, and check for loan eligibility. One common mistake that newbies make at this stage is that they opt for longer tenure to reduce EMI, but in the long run, you end up paying more interest to your bank. So, plan it out carefully. Step 2: Check the approval status of your property. Well, as mentioned earlier, you can safely skip this step, if you are going to set-up your home in any of our housing projects. Step 3: Fixed or floating rates of interest— what should you choose? That depends, but before you make a choice, understand the difference between the two. Fixed rates are more advisable if you want to play safe, and avoid additional financial burdens due to fluctuation in interest rates. Unlike fixed rates, floating rates are more susceptible to market changes. It is advisable to go for floating rates when you can expect rates to trend down in the coming months. All in all, make a well-informed decision, and consider factors like turnaround time, customer service levels, and past base rate trend of the banks before opting for any particular housing trend. Conclusion Are you still in two minds about purchasing your first ever home amid the economic strife brought about by the lockdown. Buying a house is probably one of the biggest investment that you will ever make. So, you should not rush into it head-first, without prior considerations. Having said that, let us also tell you this: now is as good a time as any to buy your first home, thanks to the low rates of interests, the recent reduction in stamp duty in Maharashtra till 31st December, and the great deals offered by the home developers. Need some more help on deciding on your dream home? Let the Narang Realty experts help you out. Check out our housing projects in Thane and Andheri for more information.

Think royalty and opulence Think Lifestyle at Rozanne by Courtyard

Lifestyle Property is a phrase that you’ve perhaps heard lately. But what does it actually, mean? A lifestyle property is a home that has one or more unique features that help improve daily quality of life. The right house for you is the house that best meets your unique needs. Narang Realty, a well known real estate developer in Mumbai & also known for their premium residential projects believe, “To live a healthy lifestyle, your home has to offer a healthy environment. Home is where you spend most of your time and therefore it must support your physical health and your emotional well-being” Continuing with the same philosophy, Narang Realty, in collaboration with The Wadhwa Group, has come up with a premium residential project Courtyard, a premium 9 acre gated community that offers the best living spaces in Thane at Pokhran Road 2. A project which offers a premium lifestyle experience, right from location to amenities which has been well thought over and designed Location & Connectivity Courtyard is a preferred location to live in, surrounded by lakes & hills with accessibility to good schools, hospitals & Malls. Yeoor Hills at a distance of 6.7 kms, Upvan lake at a distance of 3.2 km Schools like CP Goenka International & DAV public school Mega Malls like Viviaana, Korum & D MART Hospitals with modern amenities like Jupiter & Bethany Courtyard enjoys excellent connectivity to Eastern express highway & various localities of Thane and Mumbai. Thane Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Pokhran Road No 2, upcoming nearest metro stations would be Majiwada,& Kapurbawadi . Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is located at a distance of 24.3 km via Eastern Express Highway. Green Space Green space most strongly protects against mood disorders, depression, neurotic behaviour, and stress-related issues, the study found, signalling that psychological restoration may be the strongest protective mechanism that green space offers. Courtyard offers 75% open area with 4 acres of central green. Additionally, there is a 2-acre community park next door, just so that you never run out of the greenery. Enchanting views of the Yeoor Hills & Upvan lake make these homes abundantly blessed with luxury, class, and superior design. The effect of green space is also dose-dependent, meaning those who have longer exposures to green space have greater mental health benefits. To maintain a healthy mind & body and to have a work-life balance one needs to have a healthy environment away from hustle and bustle of this big city and at the same time being well-connected Amenities @ Courtyard In-house Amenities What matters most for consumers today is the lifestyle a home offers. The more amenities that cater to the luxurious lifestyle the more valuable the home becomes. At courtyard, a lot of such detailing is done where the owner of the house along with his family can just start living in the house from day 1 in a luxuriously furnished apartment without the stress & pain of getting Interiors done. So in all living rooms, we have Italian Marble, Gypsum False ceiling with RK spotlights which are of the best quality in the industry, Schuco system designed windows, Pelmet plus IKEA sheer curtains further gives a dignified look. SKY Decks which definitely is a luxury in a home is well placed to give you your space with nature, Split Air conditioners from brands like Daikan/Mitsubishi & Samsung top it up. Well-connected fiber Internet connectivity for your office setup @ home. The epitome of a luxurious home is not just a well-appointed home, rather, a luxurious home is one whose amenities allow for the owner to feel lavished upon or spoiled We understand kitchen is the most important part of the house. Therefore, we at courtyard have gone extra mile to ensure that you have the most delightful kitchen. Ultra-modern Modular cabinets, Bosch Refrigerator with a premium range of ELICA kitchen appliances ELICA 4 Burner Gas Hob    ELICA Chimney     ELICA Microwave ELICA Oven Outdoor Amenities Outdoor amenities provide a safer way to connect with other people & are equally important for their well-being, with more people working from home; they need a way to connect with nature each day At Courtyard, we have kept in mind the needs of each age the group we have dedicated a Kids play area, Party area for birthdays and celebrations, Kids pool, a crèche, a performance arts zone -Amphitheatre for all age groups. 4 acres of central green, Yoga & mediation centre for Peace & mindfulness. Multipurpose court, Cross-functional training area, Fitness centre, and football court for the fitness freaks with 400 m jogging track to sweat out and a 30 mm swimming pool to cool down For recreation facilities, we have thane’s largest Grand clubhouse admeasuring 24000 sqft which boosts of a Banquet Hall for parties & weddings. Indoor games area to tickle your brains and a SPA facility to refresh your body & mind. All these facilities are well planned to suit the lifestyle of our members. We as developers at Courtyard have made a conscious effort to provide our customers with a lifestyle experience and want to create homes for generations. An environment which can act as a stress buster with greenery around… away from the city but still being there Life at courtyard is a different experience, an experience that is specifically designed for our customers keeping their current lifestyle in mind and the need to provide a lifestyle from which they can benefit from a vision of healthy and happy families. Choosing the right neighbourhood is one of the most important decisions a person makes in their adult life because a house is not only a significant financial investment, it’s a health investment. Courtyard is one such offering which brings to you an abundance of joy & good health