Life with Family at Courtyard – Priceless!

As a woman over the age of 60, who has lived just opposite the railway station in Thane, I had reservations about moving to Pokhran Road 2. My son wanted to invest in a house at Courtyard Thane, for a better lifestyle and amenities but I wasn’t convinced.

This was before I saw the amenities that were on offer. We went to see the property before coming to a concrete decision and I am glad I did. My family (with a son, 2 grandchildren and daughter-in-law) and I were pretty excited all be it to make it a family outing. Well, it went something like this:

Son: Mom, we are entering Pokhran Road 2. Look around, it’s such a vibrant and green locality. Look at the new walking and jogging track made alongside the road. There is Bethany Hospital at the end of this road, isn’t it one of the best Thane? Plus, there are many super markets down the road near Vasant Vihar.  Singhania and Vasant Vihar schools are also walking distance from here.

Me: Hmm…yes, looks impressive. Everything is quite nearby. Yes, for Singhania School you just need to take a left from here. It’s at Pokhran Road 1.

S: Yes, this is one of the best schools in Thane with an ICSE board. If we happen to move this side, this is the school the kids will go in.

M: Ok now let’s go see the property. I’ve got my hopes high.

S: This is the entrance. Just look at how massive it is. You know this is a 7-acre plot and in this space many builders often build choc-o-block buildings that don’t allow for any breathing space, leave aside light or air in homes. But these developers are only constructing 7 towers in this plot. Open area is more than 75%. Wait till you see the sample flat and facilities.

M: It looks great. The list of amenities is impressive, to have a walking-track and a garden especially at my age, physical activity can be a boon. I think this list of amenities covers activities for the entire family.

S: Yes, I agree. And now that we are looking for a better lifestyle, then why compromise. There’s a full-fledged club house with many indoor facilities like gymnasium, games room, 2 squash courts, banquet and a multi purpose court. Outdoor amenities include an interactive water fountain, walking track, 4 swimming pools, kids play area and much more to make sure we get all the comforts we’ve dreamt of. Look at the sample flat.

M: Wow, this flat is bright, spacious and airy. I like how many corner windows have been provided in the rooms. The quality of materials and finish is so good. Its quite evident.

S: On yes. After working so hard all your life, I want you to spend the rest of the days with clean air, green environment and a calm atmosphere and Courtyard allows for it all. The price is totally worth it; don’t you think? Many other properties with facilities are either not so good in quality or are overpriced. I truly think it’s a steal.

M: I think I am quite surprised by what this project and the locality as a whole has to offer. I was quite adamant on turning this down but now I am quite for it. I think you have judged well in finalizing a property here and I can imagine how good the life here will be for all of us.