Don’t turn your dream of buying a home into a nightmare.

The MMR (Mumbai Metropolitan Region) real estate market is booming with projects by various  developers offering 2BHK and 3BHK in Thane. Amidst this crowd, finding that perfect home can feel like a daunting task. So, get acquainted  with the various stages of acquiring a home and avoid any confusions with the help of  team Courtyard, Thane.

Look into the future with a show and sample flat.

 Sample flats help potential buyers to get  the complete idea of the scale and dimensions of the flat, the style and quality of materials being provided in every room, the electrical points etc. It’s a sample of what the buyer gets. Many developers also display show flats which are essentially sample flats with fully done up interiors to make them look fancy yet liveable.

Both – 2BHK and 3BHK show and sample flats – are ready and available for viewing at Courtyard.

Bareshell versus Fully Furnished.


 Bareshell flats come completely devoid of basic amenities such as flooring, kitchen platforms, bathroom fixtures etc. The fully furnished ones consist of ready to use apartments with furniture and white goods such as AC, refrigerator, washing machine, etc in addition to basic amenities.

What’s the difference between a Commencement Certificate and an Occupancy or Possession Certificate?

The Commencement Certificate, as the name suggests, is issued by the concerned authority to the builder, after the builder has met all the criteria and obtained all the necessary  licenses and sanctions so that he can start the construction work.

The Occupancy or Possession Certificate, on the other hand, is issued by the local municipal authorities to the builder when the building has been completed in compliance with the required building standards and the concerned state laws. And now it’s safe to occupy. It’s also quite important to note that a person can legally possess a flat only when the builder has the Occupancy Certificate.

Courtyard has already received the Commencement Certificate while 2 towers of 2BHK and 3BHK will be ready for possession by the end of the year.

Greater safety with stamp duty, registration charges and GST.


 When you decide to buy a home, you not only possess the home physically but also legally. This is where the stamp duty and registration charges come into play. You must get the property registered in your name in the local municipal records, with the builder, putting on record that the property is transferred to you. At the time of registration, you will need to pay the stamp duty and registration charges – which are the government taxes/fees levied on property transactions.

Talking about GST, it’s a unified indirect tax structure. GST is currently applicable on the payment towards the purchase of the flat.

Which payment scheme would you pick – Construction Linked Plan or Subvention Plan?

Under the ‘Construction Linked Payment Plan’, the customer pays instalments to the developer every time a certain level of construction milestone is reached.  Another popular option is a Subvention Plan where the customer makes a small down payment and no further payment till he receives his apartment. In the interim, the funds for construction are provided to the developer by a bank or is self funded by the developer.

Both the options are available at Courtyard.

So, now that you have an insight as to how to buy that perfect dream home without any financial risks, check out Courtyard by The Wadhwa Group and Narang Realty- luxury apartments in Thane. Have fun buying and staying with us!